Multiplii for Merchants

What's Multiplii All About?

Increase sales to new customers at zero acquisition cost.

Better than Group Buying Services

Merchants get 50% of the purchase amount in cash, and 50% of the purchase amount in Media Credit that can be redeemed just like cash towards the payment of advertising.

Merchants can select the maximum amount of Multiplii funds that can be used towards a purchase. For example, when a restaurant selects $50 maximum payable with Multiplii, the balance of the guest check is paid with a credit card or cash.

Compare Multiplii & Group Buying Services

Get paid 62% more than Groupon. Plus get media credits to use for advertising!

$80 Dinner With Group Buying Services

Guest purchases a $50 Groupon for $27
Restaurant receives 22% to 27% of the sale amount
Restaurant receives $6.50 from Groupon
Restaurant receives $30.00 from guest
Total received $36.50

$80 Dinner With Multiplii & Value+

Guest redeems $50 Multiplii or Value+
Restaurant receives 50% of sale amount in cash
Restaurant receives $25.00 from Multiplii
Restaurant receives $30.00 from guest
Total received: $55.00 cash
Bonus received: $25.00 Media Credit

Promote Your Business with Free Advertising

Accept Multiplii and Value+ to incentivize hundreds of new customers.

1- Create your business listing

Get hundreds of new customers with free online advertising... It's quick and easy to add a business listing promoting your restaurant, hotel, service business, or retail establishment.

2- Accept Value+ and Multiplii

Promote that you accept Value+ and Multiplii in your business listing to drive Multiplii members to your door, as when members redeem their national brand gift card or pay with Multiplii, they receive 25% more.

3- Redeem and get paid

Use our redemption app on your phone or tablet to check available balance, validate payment and redeem national brand gift cards and Multiplii.

The Gift Card Sales Opportunity

$130 Billion in Gift Card Sales

Consumers will purchase $149 Billion in Gift Cards this year, $30 billion of which will be purchased during the holiday season.

$44 Billion in Unredeemed Gift Cards

Studies estimate that since 2008 a total of $44 Billion in Gift Cards weren't used and are still in people's drawers or wallets.

$1 Billion in Unredeemed Cards This Year

Unredeemed Gift Cards have declined since 2009 due to the Card Act that prohibits gift card funds from expiring for five years. But $1 Billion in gift cards still go unredeemed each year.

Get your share of this enormous sales opportunity!

Accept national brand gift cards for purchases at your restaurant, shop, hotel or retail establishment.


With Multiplii, merchants get a full page display ad in the online Business Directory. Merchants can add images, limitless details, videos, store hours, menus, and so much more. Drive even more sales to your business by letting customers know that your establishment accepts Value+ and Multiplii, as members are incentivized to patronize your business when they get 25% more from Multiplii added to the value on their gift card.

Value+ is a unique card redemption program that pays consumers 25% more than the remaining balance on their national brand gift card. When you accept Value+ new customers with a national brand gift cards are referred to your business.

Merchants can select the maximum amount accepted in Value+. Simply check the available balance and validate a customer’s card with our mobile app on your phone or tablet. Accept up to your maximum amount, and collect the balance on a credit card or cash, as the balance above the maximum amount is always paid directly to merchants.

Upon redemption of their Gift Card at your establishment, the consumer gets 25% more than the amount of credit on the card from Multiplii. And, the balance after deducting the maximum amount you accepted is sent to the customer’s mobile phone, which they can use at any participating merchant.

Multiplii is like Groupon or Living Social but only better, as consumers can use their Multiplii at any participating merchant that accepts Multiplii towards the payment of their purchase. Multiplii never expires, which eliminates consumer fears about expirations. And, accepting Multiplii doesn’t label your business as a discounter that offers products and services at 40% or more off regular pricing.

Redeeming Value+ or Multiplii transactions is quick and easy. Use our tablet or mobile phone app to instantly validate a customer’s card. Then upon a sale, enter the amount of the sale, and get an instant confirmation and transaction number.

Using a PoS terminal in your restaurant or hotel? Implementing an API can integrate the validation and transaction processing directly on your PoS.

Payments processed for Value+ and Multiplii sales are settled to a merchant’s checking account each week via ACH direct deposit.